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A sweet scene of a mother deer rescuing a fawn who is stuck in terror on a road

A mother’s love knows no bounds, and this is a truly moving moment!

In Port Orchard, Washington, Jessie Larson was travelling on the freeway when she came across a terrified fawn who wouldn’t cross the street by itself. The young deer was little and trembling as it lay on the ground.

Just as she was ready to exit the car and assist the young fawn, the mother deer materialised. The newborn deer appeared to be terrified, so the mother deer cautiously approached it. Jessie shut off the car’s engine as soon as she saw the deer so it wouldn’t be alarmed.

The caring mother deer started to embrace the confused baby deer to give it more self-assurance as she slowly drew closer to her cub. The youngster then got to his feet, and the two of them headed for the forest. This welcoming sight melted the woman’s heart!

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